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First time since the scandal broke Weiner was seen in public with Huma Aberdein, his wife of less than a year. The couple appeared composed on the outside but can their marriage survive what’s happening behind closed doors, CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reports.

He said he wouldn’t make the decision alone, Anthony Weiner stood solo as he announced his resignation.

“I make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents and I made it particularly, to my wife Huma.”

His wife of just eleven months Huma Abedin, now pregnant with their first child, was seen with her husband outside of their Forest Hills apartment today but she did not stand by her man as he explain his way out of office.

“And most importantly, that my wife and I can continue, to heal from the damage I have caused.”

Thus following the unraveling of a political career- could only imagine the conversations between Weiner and his wife, wondering if their marriage was unraveling as well.

“I’m surprised to see them talking.”

“She probably told him, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, you know I gotta think about this, I’m not sure.”

“I would imagine there’s a lot of tears on both sides. I would imagine maybe some screaming, some how, why, and what.”

Relationship therapist, Irina Firstein, says, the newly wed couple has yet to build a firm foundation of a solid marriage but there’s hope.

“Couples do heal you know sometimes these kind of things opens channels of communication that didn’t exist before.”

Political allies have turned their backs on the disgraced congressman, now he must do everything he can so his wife won’t do the same.

“To my wife Huma, who stood with me through this entire difficult period, and to whom I also very much.”

So Anthony Weiner leaves one office while starting his new job here at home, saving his marriage in Forest Hills, Queens.

Hazel Sanchez CBS 2 News

Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits To Being Unfaithful

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to being unfaithful, how can you tell if your spouse is cheating?

I have the tall tell signs coming up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger secret child triggered a shock wave of disbelief today.

And it also plunged many people into discussions about loyalty issues in their own relationships, here’s CBS 2’s Kristen Thorn.

Love can be a beautiful thing but many of us know it can turn sour real quick.

“When you see that feeling in your stomach where you just know that he’s just a liar.” Rachel Callahan, Jackson Alabama

Cheating, we become quite used to hearing politicians, athletes and Hollywood stars admit that they’ve had an affair.

“Maybe it’s something about our culture.”

But it was quite a bombshell when Arnold Schwarzenegger said he fathered a child ten years ago with a woman who worked at his multi-million dollar home all under the nose of Maria Shriver his wife of twenty five years.

“And I think she knew that, I bet she knew that.”

The scandal resurrecting the age-old question, who cheats more, men or women?

“I think men cheat with women, so it’s one-on-one right? It’s even.”

“Working fields, women definitely cheat, they get ahead you know using a lot of weapons of emotions, sex all that stuff.”

Couples therapist Irina Firstein says women usually cheat for one reason.

“They don’t feel loved, or appreciated or valued by their partner.”

And what about men, well, let’s ask them.

“They probably don’t really know what they want.”

“They want to keep on changing, they’re not satisfied with what they have.”

Is there a way if you can tell if your spouse is cheating, well if you find a text message or an email, but that’s one thing but there are more subtle signs you can look out for.

“Reasons to not be around, to be away.”

If you want to confront your partner, therapists say do it calmly and with an open mind. Rachel Callahan took a different route.

“I hacked his email and found out like that, I never told him how I found out though. So this is going on TV, hey that’s how I found out.”

Well at least she’s honest.

Kristen Thorn CBS 2 News

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