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Russian Speaking Therapist in NYC

Russian speaking therapist Irina Firstein, LCSWAlthough I came to United States a long time ago and have lived in New York City most of my life, I am a Russian speaking therapist and have understanding of, connection with and deep ties to Russian community, culture and its sensibilities.

As a Russian therapist, my work with Russian speaking or bilingual patients is rooted in understanding of the immigrant experiences, as well as adjustments to life in a different country. Many of my patients came to America as children or were even born in the United States to parents from different parts of former Soviet Union. They prefer to see a Russian speaking therapist and marriage counselor because they may still feel like they are partially bicultural. Many others immigrated to United States as formed adults and it is for many reasons they prefer to have therapy with a therapist who speaks their language and understands their culture and experience.

I know and understand bicultural experience and welcome Russian speaking as well as people from other countries who are experiencing adjustment difficulties or any other problems to consider me a resource to help through whatever transition they are experiencing.

Counseling & Therapy with Russian Speaking Clients in New York City

I provide counseling and therapy in Russian for any psychological, personal, relationship, adjustment or work-related issues. I work with both individuals and couples. I work with individuals who are looking for help from a Russian speaking psychotherapist to treat depression, anxiety, marriage and family issues. Sometimes Life Events such as stressful transitions, marital problems, issues with parents and children and a host of other life stressors can trigger the need for individual or couples therapy.

You will find that my training and experience as a therapist for over 30 years and my understanding and connection to Russian culture and experience are of great benefit to Russian speaking clients or clients born to parents from former Soviet Union.

I have recently traveled to Russia and Ukraine to assist in training local therapists in providing Emotionally Focused Therapy to their clients. Besides being a profound emotional experience in terms of going home, I was able to connect with clinicians and understand the kinds of issues they are encountering in their practices and help them work with these issues. The experience further sharpened not only my clinical skills but also ability to do this intense psychotherapy work and counseling in Russian.

Looking to find a New York Russian therapist? Now that you have found me, please reach out to me if I can be assistance to you. You can email me or call (212) 953-1388.

Sessions available in person, by phone or on Skype.