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EMDR & Trauma Therapy in New York City

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a form of therapy that enables people to heal from distressing symptoms and reactions to triggers caused by disturbing experiences or traumatic events. EMDR works much faster than traditional therapies and has long lasting effects because new neuro pathways in the brain are created by the reprocessing and desensitization of traumatic material.

I have been practicing EMDR for over 4 years and I use it or some form of it in most of the sessions with individual clients. It has become an overwhelming view of many clinicians that all pain and most symptoms people experience are trauma based, whether it be catastrophic traumas or more ordinary life trauma or painful memories and experiences.

EMDR Therapy is used to help clients come to terms with a variety of troubling conditions and symptoms. Through EMDR, the mind and nervous system can release painful memories, neutralize traumatic or disturbing experiences, create spontaneous reactions and responses to situations that otherwise are stuck in rigid trauma responses.

EMDR helps unlock painful, negative memories, and helps the brain reprocess and reintegrate old information so that it becomes less debilitating. Through the use of bilateral stimulation of the brain via eye movements, tappers or sound, more adaptive integration of past events occurs. As a result of reprocessing of old memories, images, sounds, thoughts, and feelings they can be experienced without causing the client to become distressed.

EMDR can also be used for recent traumatic experience and can help move clients through it to a more realistic, adaptive, less disturbing and distressing reality.

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  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Performance Issues
  • Accidents
  • Feelings stuck
  • Any traumatic or disturbing events which cause persistent symptoms, flashbacks, dreams
  • Relationship traumas or disappointments
  • Interpersonal conflict

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