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I have been thinking about this question and I am thinking from my experience with many couples that if used sensibly, it may not be so harmful. Especially in long distance relationships, it is the only way to have some connection. At the end of the day its not enough.

Technology is responsible, for better or worse, for many infidelities being uncovered. Many of the couples who come to see me due to affairs are found out by a partner who observes excessive texting or emailing at inappropriate times.

It it especially troubling to me when people are texting during dinners with friends and family and even worse when it’s going on in front of young children. This has to make them feel invisible and unimportant, but due to their young development, they can not communicate this to their caregivers.

I think its time to rethink and curb the use of technology as it has effect on human connection. More and more people choose to unplug and be more present when interacting socially or during “family time”.