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6 Characteristics of A Good Relationship

There are many things that make a good relationship, but these are the ones that came to mind as I thought about it after a particularly emotional difficult work week.

  • A good relationship is a romantic partnership. What this means is that two people are able to be partners in life and challenges. They can work together on projects, share same or similar goals, complement each other in accomplishing things that need to be done and taking into account their abilities, strengths, etc. Also with that, there is a great importance placed on romance and an erotic connection between them. This manifests in a mutually satisfying sexual relationship and a high premium on fun and romantic activities and gestures, like surprise spontaneous plans, gifts, and activities.
  • In a good relationship, there is genuine caring and concern for the other person’s well-being and feeling of joy in their life. You want your partner to feel good and happy as much as realistically possible. This is important to both partners in regards to each other.
  • You can talk about anything and everything and feel listened to, heard and hopefully understood, and comforted when needed. It is very important to feel that your partner has your back and your best interests at heart.
  • You can be vulnerable and express “weakness” to your partner. It is important to be able to expose most personal, even shameful or simply vulnerable feelings and feel “held”, rather than ridiculed, rejected, criticized or further shamed for the feelings expressed. Some of this may include fears about the attachment or insecurity about desirability and attraction from your significant other.
  • It is important not only that you LOVE your partner but that you like them as a human being. If possible, it is good to admire and respect him or her. This brings a great energy to the connection and often solidifies that bond.
  • It greatly helps a relationship to be good and satisfying if you like each other’s family origin and have a compatible (not necessarily the same) view of religion. These are important aspects of one’s life and when there is a conflict here, it often will tear at the most intense romantic connections.